Millie’s Giving Madness Contest Rules

These are the official rules for Millie, PBC’s (“Millie,” “us,” “we”) Giving Madness Bracket Contest (“Contest”), where we help to make giving to your favorite charitable organizations (each a “Charity” and collectively “Charities”) fun through a head-to-head, bracket-style competition with others in your organization (the Contest “Organizer”)! While playing the Contest is optional, your Organizer is excited for you to get involved in helping others. If you choose to play the Contest, here are the details for you as a participant (“Participant”). Note, there are no prizes for Participants other than the prize of feeling really good about helping worthy Charities!

The Set Up

The Organizer of your Contest set up their Giving Madness Bracket by giving us the following information:

Timing: This includes the Contest start date and timing and the duration of each of the voting rounds (i.e. 1 day, 1 week, etc.).

Donation Pool: The Organizer will contribute a fixed donation amount to fund the Contest award pool (the “Pool”). This also includes whether or not the Organizer will match the Participants’ donations to the Pool. They may set matching caps for each Participant, as well as an Organizer wide matching cap. They may also set a match ratio.

Charity Selection: The Organizer will select the Charities that will be included in the Contest (be sure to nominate your favorites so the Organizer knows who you are rooting for).

Bracket Name: The Organizer can designate a name for the Contest bracket.
The Organizer will set up the bracket for your Contest according to their internal policies, so if you have questions about charity selection, donation pool, or other matters relating to the Contest, please reach out to the appropriate personnel at your organization.

The Contest & Game

The Charities selected by the Organizer will be randomly matched to play a series of head-to-head games (tournament-style), where the winner will be selected by the votes of the Participants (each, a “Game”).

Participants vote for their desired winner for each Game, in the time period selected by your Organizer.

At the end of each Game period, the Charity with the most votes moves on the next round of Games, and the other is eliminated, until we reach the final Game where one Charity becomes the champion.

Contest Results and Pool Awards

We know you will love all the Charities selected by your Organizer, so the Pool is divided up amongst all Charities to make sure everyone is a winner. The further your Charity goes, the bigger their share of the Pool, so make sure you are voting and making sure others in your Contest know how great your Charity really is.

In the case of a 16-Charity bracket, the breakdown is:
Each Charity in the Sweet 16 that does not move forward receives 1% of the Pool.
Each Charity in the Elite 8 that does not move forward receives 2% of the Pool.
Each Charity in the Final 4 that does not move forward receives 4% of the Pool.
The runner up Charity receives 26% of the Pool.
The champion Charity receives 50% of the Pool.

In the case of a tie in any Game, our system will randomly select the winner.

Your Organizer will decide how the Charities are notified of their winning share of the Pool.

Additional Terms and Restrictions

Each Participant gets one vote per Game, your vote is not transferable.
Charities may not solicit anyone to vote for their Charity, outside of the profiles they create on the Millie website.
There are no prizes or awards for Participants correctly guessing the winner of each Game.
Participants under the age of 13 must obtain written parental consent to participate.
Void where prohibited.

Your ability to participate in the Contest is subject to your acceptance of our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and User Terms of Service. If you do not agree to these additional terms, you may not participate in the Contest.

This Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, the social media or news sites on which information about the Contest may appear. Entrants are providing information to Millie and not any social media or news site.