For Nonprofits

We absolutely love supporting nonprofits. (It’s why we do what we do!). Any 501(c)3 that is in good standing with the IRS is eligible to be in a bracket. The best way to participate and ensure employees voting in the brackets learn your story is by filling out your Millie profile. 
It’s completely free to build a profile and Millie doesn’t take any fee from the money companies contribute to the Giving Madness donation pools. 

Create profile on Millie
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millie nonprofit profile

Tell your nonprofit's story

The profile that says it all

Once you create a nonprofit profile on Millie, it will be accessible to anyone that adds your nonprofit to their bracket. Already have a Millie profile? You’re all set! That’s what companies see when they are casting their votes. 

Easy builder to share your work

With our live builder, you can easily create a profile in just a few minutes. You’ll need some photos and a logo. Optionally add stories, dollar strength, stats, program content, videos, and more.

Dashboard to see your donations

Once you’re verified at the nonprofit, you’ll be able to see the donations coming in from companies on your Millie dashboard.

Photos, videos, stats, stories & more

The nonprofit profiles can be simple or absolutely decked out— it’s up to you. The more content on there, the better: companies and employees are eager to learn about your work!

… all free to you! We just want you in on the fun!

Millie does not take any cut of the donations. Stripe does charge the usual credit card processing fees of 2.2% plus 30 cents. International cards are charged an additional 1%.