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Build a company bracket to give back with your employees.

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What is Giving Madness?

How it works

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Create a company bracket
Kick off the tournament by building a bracket with your company’s 16 favorite nonprofits. Set a start date and add company contributions.
Employees vote for nonprofits
Employees vote to advance nonprofits they love through the brackets, with 4 rounds of "games" over the course of one week or one month.
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The pool gets donated 
After the championship game, the donation pool is proportionately divided up among the nonprofits, based on where they land in the bracket.
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Level up your employee engagement

The evidence is mounting — companies that engage their employees through social impact programs like charitable giving reap some serious rewards. Among them are strengthened employee relationships, higher retention, and enhanced morale. Employees care when you care.

Nonprofits deserve more, year round

Nearly 80% of charitable donations are made at the end of the year, leaving nonprofits hurting for funds the rest of the year. Giving Madness introduces another major giving event in the spring so the nonprofits your employees love can thrive year round.

Integrates with Slack like magic

If your company is on Slack, employees likely live on it at work — now you can use it to fuel your most innovative virtual company event. Giving Madness seamlessly integrates with Slack at the click of a button. Presto!

And if your team isn’t on Slack, we have a fully-automated communication toolkit via email: kickoffs, reminders, videos, and more. No heavy lift for your comms team!
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Bring your employees together. And give back.
(It’s a win-win 😅)
Start a Giving Bracket
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